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I have been honored to represent Williston residents in Montpelier these past two years. I’ve focused on supporting families, working Vermonters and our communities as we recover from the pandemic. I led efforts to ensure Vermont’s schools continue offering universal free school meals to all children, supported historic investments in workforce, housing, broadband and climate action. We passed significant legislation to make Vermont an easier place to live and raise a family, including the creation of a new Vermont Child Tax Credit. I was especially proud to cast a historic vote to send Proposal 5, a constitutional amendment to protect reproductive liberty, to Vermont voters this fall.  

We made important progress on advancing racial justice this biennium, including the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, establishing an environmental justice policy, promoting healthcare equity, supporting BIPOC businesses and enacting an update to our education funding system to make it more equitable. But we must do more to ensure Vermont is a welcoming place for all.

As a high school teacher for 16 years and a member of the Champlain Valley School District board, I was thrilled to be assigned to the House Education Committee. One of the most pronounced lessons I’ve learned as a teacher is the cumulative effect of inequitable opportunities and experiences on young people and their families. I am  committed to using my experience and the relationships I have developed in the legislature to be a tireless advocate for our most vulnerable students and to strengthen the sometimes overlooked “bookends” of our educational system: early childhood and post-secondary opportunities.  


Ted and I chose to make Williston our family home because we value the quality of life here and the strong sense of community. We are so grateful for the friends, neighbors and teachers who make this such a special place to be raising our sons, Patrick and Evan.  


Before coming to Vermont, I spent five years working for United States Senator Mark Dayton as a legislative aide, tracking and developing a wide array of legislation, including education and environmental policy. When Senator Dayton announced his retirement, I left Washington, D.C. to pursue my master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 


While it has been challenging at times to be raising a family, teaching and serving in the Legislature, I believe it’s important that we have more voices from working families like mine in Montpelier. 


I firmly believe what my political hero, the late Senator Paul Wellstone, is well known for saying: “We all do better when we ALL do better.”


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Shared by permission from the artist, Amy Rice (Minnesota) 

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