I chose to make Vermont my home over 15 years ago because I deeply value the quality of life in this incredible state. My husband and I picked Williston as our family’s hometown because of the strong sense of community and the excellent schools. I have served on the Champlain Valley School District board for four years with a personal focus on equity issues in our district, and am an active volunteer in the Williston schools. I teach social studies at Colchester High School and was honored to be named Vermont’s Gilder Lehrman History Teacher of the Year in 2019.  I also coordinate professional development in Colchester and am an adjunct instructor in the graduate education department at Saint Michael’s College.  


Before coming to Vermont, I spent five years working for United States Senator Mark Dayton as a legislative aide, tracking and developing a wide array of legislation. When Senator Dayton announced his retirement, I left the Senate to pursue my master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I’m passionate about public education – from early childhood education all the way through higher education – as an important means to create a more just and equitable society. 


I have long considered how I can have the biggest positive impact in my community, especially for children and our most vulnerable neighbors. Like most teachers, I learn as much from my students as they do from me. One of the most pronounced lessons I’ve learned from 15 years as a public school teacher is the cumulative effect of inequitable opportunities and experiences on young people and their families.  I  believe it’s important that we have more voices like mine in Montpelier. 

In my classroom, I’m transparent with students and seek to include a wide array of perspectives on the content and issues we study because we’re all enriched by welcoming individuals and experiences different than ourselves and our own. I also strive to share my optimism about and passion for the role of government and public service in the betterment of our communities. These foundational values in my classroom will travel with me to the State House.