Thank you williston!

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Thank you for your trust in me. It’s an honor to serve as your State Representative. The 2021-2022 biennium began as no other like it, in total virtual mode with legislators “zooming in” from 150 locales across Vermont. We are mimicking the schedule of a normal in-person session, though the process of legislating remotely is somewhat slower than normal. My priority is advancing policies that will create an equitable COVID recovery plan to rebuild the economy in all 14 counties and help our families and communities thrive. Please see my Town Meeting Report for an update on some of the many bills under consideration at the State House in 2021. Please be in touch with me if you have any questions or to discuss issues. For all legislative business, the best way to reach me is: 

May 2020: Read Erin's Full Campaign Announcement

"We are in an incredibly important political moment and the COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to rethink so many things about our society as we experience such upheaval, strain and loss.  Vermont has been a leader in our response and I want to ensure we do even better for all Vermonters, especially those hurting most."